Making money with poker affiliate programmes

Participating in poker affiliate programmes can be a simple but reliable way to generate an additional revenue stream. Affiliate marketing is popular across a range of sectors — it’s effective, easy to set up and convenient both for the promoter and the business they’re working with. In affiliate marketing, you promote a product or service in exchange for a performance-based commission. In this case, you’re promoting an online poker site.Becoming a poker affiliate probably won’t let you give up your day job — at least not right away. If you like playing poker and other games, though, and enjoy writing about them online, you can certainly turn your hobby into a useful source of side income. If you decide to invest more effort in your affiliate marketing efforts, they can become more than a sideline; however, most poker affiliates are happy enough to treat this as a supplementary income source.Getting started is fairly easy. You choose one or more poker affiliate programmes to participate in and sign up. You’ll be given a special identifier, a number that’s unique to you, which you’ll then use to create an affiliate link. You can use your website or blog to share your affiliate link — some message boards and social networks may also allow you to post your link there. Every time a new customer clicks your link and signs up, you’ll gain a commission.When registering for an affiliate site, it’s important to research the site you’ll be promoting and make sure you’re happy with their overall ethics and practices. You should also be careful to read the conditions of your participation in detail. Most programmes have certain standards you’ll be expected to adhere to and you might lose your account if you don’t.Good luck and happy marketing.