A healthy work environment

Healthy working environments are arguably one of the most important elements of improving workforce productivity. However, the main question in everybody’s mind is how to do it. Although it seems simple, it is sometimes complicated. This is caused by work areas being deep inside a building, and the only source of light being electricity. The environment can be improved by simply using good lighting and sound systems.

Impacts of lighting in productivity

The type of lighting plays a key role in determining the level of production. Good lighting improves production by ensuring concentration. Using light bulbs and fluorescents can sometimes be obnoxious, especially during morning and evening hours. This affects the concentration and production of employees at many levels. Parans systems offer a solution to this by implementing the use of natural light in offices and buildings.

Parans Systems for natural lighting

Paran systems have developed a technology aimed at improving office health by implementing natural light in buildings. This is done by collecting light from the sun from the top of the building and transporting it through fiber optics. The light is then distributed through luminous screens and fluorescents. This technology is beneficial because workers will be less likely to struggle due to strong lighting. The company will also benefit from lower energy expenditure.